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CIMENT FONDU® is a multi-purpose cement for all your challenges. CIMENT FONDU® has been a companion to craftsmen for more than one hundred years… A simple and practical solution, it is used on all types of construction projects: new build, renovation, public works and specialist crafts.


CIMENT FONDU® is the essential partner for masonry, sanitation and public works professionals seeking convenient setting times, or to gain time in slab hardening or else to be able to work in cold weather.

Manufactured from bauxite and limestone, CIMENT FONDU® is a calcium aluminate-based hydraulic binder complying with the NF EN 14647 standard. CIMENT FONDU® possesses exceptional properties which are commonly used in the construction, sanitation and public works sectors.


Used alone or as part of a mix. .

When used alone, CIMENT FONDU® can produce concrete or mortar that rapidly achieves a high level of mechanical strength and optimal drying, even in cold weather (up to -10° C):

Fast hardening and rapid drying

  • road and rail repairs
  • ready to accept floor
  • street furniture and signs
  • setting in security fencing, posts and gates
  • industrial flooring

Concreting in cold weather

  • works with risk of overnight frost
  • road works
  • lintels, bedding in girders
  • repair of cold rooms

CIMENT FONDU® can also be used to produce mortars and concretes that are resistant to aggressive environments, such as high temperatures (up to 1,200° C) or corrosion (up to pH ≥ 4):

High temperatures

  • barbeques and pizza ovens, fireplace and chimney construction
  • incinerators
  • outdoor incineration areas, fire training areas

Chemical or bacterial corrosion

  • sewer networks
  • marine environment
  • agricultural buildings
  • food processing industries

Used in a mix with Portland cement, CIMENT FONDU® accelerates the setting-time of mortars for all small-scale building or road works (non load-bearing structures):

Rapid setting (10 to 30 minutes)

  • temporary support work
  • bedding in machinery
  • renders
  • fixing barriers and fences

Very rapid setting (3 to 10 minutes)

  • patch repairs, fixing in hinges and bolts, repairing precast elements
  • water stops

Concrete produced with CIMENT FONDU® used on its own to substitute for Portland cement can be manufactured on the construction site or at a ready-mix concrete plant.



The CIMENT FONDU® brand, which is over a hundred years old, enjoys a very high reputation among skilled workers in the construction and public works sectors and the building materials merchants who sell it. It has come to symbolise reliable technical performance and know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

To ensure that you use CIMENT FONDU® correctly, check out our website www.rapid-cements.com, where you will find instructions for use in several languages.

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