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Mining is a very demanding sector: the imperatives of productivity and profitability are constantly challenged by the nature of the rock structure. More than in any other sector, the rapidity with which concrete can be placed and its durability in an extreme environment are determining factors. With their specific properties, Imerys Aluminates cements and derived products achieve exceptional levels of performance, often indispensable to mining operations.


There are three forms of Imerys aluminates products used in the mining industry:

1. Binders, used to manufacture fast-setting mortar and concrete with exceptional durability in an aggressive environment.

2. Pre-formulated mortar and concrete, used to obtain specific properties.

3. Reagents in a very wide range of products formulated by chemists specialising in mining applications to meet a whole range of diverse needs.

Aluminous cements are used in a wide range of applications where their specific properties can be particularly beneficial:

  • Fast-setting concrete: turnaround time of several hours (traffic lanes, consolidation of operating zones, base slabs of machinery, etc.)
  • Concrete with exceptional resistance to abrasion and shocks (drop shafts, unloading zones, protection of mineral silos, etc.)
  • Concrete with resistance to acid corrosion, capable of withstanding runoff water with pH = 4, even pH ≥ 3.5
  • Mineral reagent for rapid setting of void-filling products
  • Active ingredient in cement anchoring capsules which shortens the load-bearing time to 60 minutes
  • Active ingredient in sludge consolidation products: extraction using mechanical means
  • Reagent in injected grouting or filling mortar when rapid setting is essential.

The aluminous cement based-products manufactured by Kerneos may be applied by various techniques, according to needs and the applications concerned: onsite pouring, dry or wet spraying, long-distance pumping, injection into solid rock, etc.

Similarly, the kinetics of setting and hardening may vary over a wide range of time as required, from near instant setting to setting over more than 24 hours.


Calcium aluminate concrete minimizes maintenance and operating interruptions, improving the cost efficiency ratio.

Thanks to calcium aluminate cement and concrete, and especially Ciment Fondu®, mining engineers throughout the world have been able to find cost-effective solutions to a wide array of complicated situations where the performance offered by standard Portland cements is insufficient:

  • Increasing the durability of structures and reducing the maintenance requirements (ore passes, floors, ramps, silos, etc.)
  • Minimizing maintenance time when effecting repairs or the placing of structures (base slabs for machinery, silos, floors, general upkeep of concrete, etc.)
  • Impermeability - injection.


Imerys Aluminates offers a range of products tailored to the specific needs of the mining industry. These products vary from country to country and according to the application.

Among the most common:


  • Fast-setting binder with resistance to corrosion and high and low temperatures


  • A very reactive binder used by mining industry formulators for the production of anchoring cartridges, high shear resistance filler grouting, structural grouting and grouting for structural membranes


  • Synthetic aggregates for refractory applications and the manufacture of concrete offering high resistance to abrasion, shocks and corrosion


  • Pre-mixed aluminous cement concrete offering excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion as well as stability when exposed to heat of up to 1,100° C


  • Pre-mixed concrete consisting of CIMENT FONDU®, ALAG® synthetic aggregates and appropriate natural aggregates, providing durable protection against impacts and abrasion


  • Multi-use grouting, resistant to chemical aggression and used for anchoring and grouting injection applications


  • Pre-mixed grout used as a binder in the underground construction of transport routes, off and on ramps


  • Pre-mixed grouting used as a binder to agglomerate fines or as a hardening agent for the consolidation of sludge

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