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Unique technology for stopping biogenic corrosion !
The durability of pipes and other infrastructure is a key economic factor for municipal sewage system owners and operators. Protecting or repairing them using materials that are resistant to biogenic corrosion and abrasion prevents premature damage and the associated costly repairs. Calcium aluminate concrete and mortar give sewage system infrastructure a considerably longer lifespan and significantly reduce total operating costs.


A whole range of applications, from pipes to sewage systems

For more than fifty years, calcium aluminate concrete and mortar has been used for a wide range of applications:

  • protection of ductile metal, steel or concrete ducts in wastewater systems,
  • new construction or renovation of sewage system infrastructure (drains, treatment plants, pumping stations, collectors, etc.).

Pipes made from ductile metals and from steel

A number of global ductile iron pipe manufacturers have chosen CALCOAT® RG mortar to line the inside of their wastewater ducts. The product is also used in steel pipe protection.

The European EN 598 quality standard specifies aluminous cement mortar as the material best suited to lining the inside of ductile iron pipes in wastewater treatment systems.

The application of this mortar by centrifugal or rotating head systems results in a smooth and compact layer which is resistant to abrasion and biogenic corrosion.

Concrete pipes

Calcium aluminate concrete and mortar produced by Imerys Aluminates have been successfully used since the 1950s for centrifuged concrete pipes designed for use in harsh environments, both as mass concrete and surface coating. Mortar formulated with calcium aluminates may also be used for the protection of pipes manufactured using the Rocla process.

Imerys Aluminates boasts a long list of proven experience in sewage systems subject to severe biogenic corrosion and abrasion around the world: North America, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Sweden, etc.

Construction and renovation of sewage system infrastructure

Imerys Aluminates has developed a unique range of cements and mortars for protecting and renovating the infrastructure of sewage systems (collectors, wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, etc.).

Beyond their intrinsic properties of abrasion and biogenic corrosion resistance, calcium aluminates offer a simple and uncomplicated application procedure with a whole range of possible applications.

They can therefore by applied using traditional means (dry or wet spraying) or with the use of rotating distributor heads.

Calcium aluminate concrete may also be used in the manufacture of prefabricated structures such as inspection manholes.

Calcium aluminates are generally considered as the best solution for renovation work, offering advantages over polymer systems which are much more difficult to work with.


Imerys Aluminates invented CIMENT FONDU®, the first industrial application of calcium aluminates, in 1908, and today it offers a complete and unique line of specialised cements and mortars for coating pipes and sewage system infrastructure:

  • CIMENT FONDU®, a hydraulic binder containing approximately 40% alumina, coloured dark grey. It has more than fifty years of proven experience in sewage system protection worldwide.
  • CALCOAT® RG, a hydraulic binder specially developed for pipe surface coating, which contains approximately 50% alumina. It is easy to apply and offers consistent quality for a wide range of climates. Its light colour facilitates video monitoring of the sewage system.
  • SewperCoat®, a range of ready-to-use mortars. They are formulated with aluminous cement and aluminous synthetic aggregates, to provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and abrasion. The SewperCoat® range includes different formulas specially developed for each method of application: dry or wet spraying, industrial centrifugation procedures or traditional concrete pouring.


Low pressure wet spray SewperCoat® in manhole
Ductile iron pipes protected with CALCOAT® mortar
Main trunk sewer rehabilitated with gunited SewperCoat®
Concrete pipe with SewperCoat® lining inside