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Quality commitment


In the interests of strategic and operational transparency, the key principles of quality have been assembled in a charter which is applied by Kerneos teams in every corner of the world. The objectives are to ensure your permanent satisfaction and to provide you with the highest-performance, most innovative and most successful offer of services and products, throughout the world.


Provide innovative and sustainable Calcium Aluminate solutions

  • the largest range on every continent
  • a guarantee of secure high quality supply through multiple manufacturing plants and advanced logistics
  • share more than 100 years of expertise in Calcium Aluminate Technology
  • a commitment to further innovation of product and processes through our international network of technical centres

Sustain Customer satisfaction

  • listen to our customers, understand and anticipate their needs
  • respond quickly to any request with dedicated sales & technical teams on all continents
  • develop Calcium Aluminate Technologies to provide enhanced performance for customers' core market applications
  • build strong relationships with customers to support their market differentiation


Commit to business excellence

  • set the performance standards of the industry
  • demonstrate continuous improvement within a demanding Quality Management system
  • mobilize all employees to share in our Quality ambitions
  • encourage exemplary attitudes and responsible behaviours

We strive for recognition as the expert in Calcium Aluminate Technologies.
Jean-Marc Bianchi, CEO of Kerneos


Key ideas

A reflection of operational excellence

The global Kerneos quality charter reinforces an advanced quality management system that has been awarded ISO 9001 certification.