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The safety of Imerys Aluminates personnel as well as those of external companies is a strong strategic commitment for  Imerys Aluminates. Not only is it a moral responsibility, it is also a means of achieving operational excellence. Safety is therefore subject to a global safety plan which is adopted and applied by each site, and which is adjusted in the event of an alert or change in activity.



  • Health and safety is a core value that must be fully integrated in all Imerys Aluminates actions and activities worldwide.
  • We believe that the strong commitment of everyone in health and safety will be beneficial in other areas of the business and will help build a long term sustainable performance in the business.


  • All accidents can be avoided.
  • No other activity should have priority over health and safety.
  • Safety is everyone's commitment.


  • To train personnel to ensure their duties will be completed safely and without endangering their health.
  • To respect procedures and internal rules and contribute to their continuous improvement.
  • To complete a risk analysis prior to commencing any task, with participation of all associated personnel.
  • To encourage full disclosure of information and facts concerning incidents.
  • To communicate efficiently to ensure group cohesiveness.
  • Active contribution in health and safety activities.


Consistently and sustainably reduce the number of accidents for all staff including subcontractors, working on our worldwide sites. No performance other than 0 accident will be satisfactory.


A global action plan is based on the following principles:

  • All accidents can be avoided, even in an environment that is not without danger.
  • Nothing should take priority over safety.
  • Each person is responsible not only for their own safety, but also for that of others who are present.

In 2011, more than 9,120 safety inspections were carried out on all Imerys Aluminates sites.