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Imerys Aluminates offer
In contrast to Portland cements which contain calcium silicates, CIMENT FONDU® is a calcium aluminate-based hydraulic binder. » See product
  SECAR® range
The SECAR® range is used as a principle binder in high temperature applications. The cements of this line have varying alumina content (from 40 to 80%), which are directly related to their maximum handling temperatures and therefore optimum operating conditions. » See product
  TERNAL® range
TERNAL® high-alumina cements play a vital role in the development of innovative solutions specifically designed for the needs of the construction industry. » See product
ALAG® is a synthetic calcium aluminum silicate aggregate obtained from a fusion process, with an alumina content of approximately 40%. High density and exceptional hardness are its main features. » See product
CALCOAT® RG is a calcium aluminate-based cement specially designed for use in sewage systems. » See product
FONDAG® is a dry mixture which facilitates the production of high performance calcium aluminate concrete. » See product
SewperCoat® is a ready-to-use dry mortar specially designed for protecting sewage system infrastructure which is exposed to biogenic acid corrosion. » See product
  LDSF® range
Calcium aluminate flux is used for steel refining in integrated plants based on iron ore processing as well as in mini-mill based on scrap recycling. The main use is in secondary metallurgy in combination with lime, ferro-alloys and possibly other minerals. » See product
  PERAMIN® range
Peramin® offers a range of powder and liquid additives designed to enhance drymix mortars application and performance » See product
Our Mulcoa® range of materials is recognized as the global benchmark. Clays are mined from the South Georgia kaolin belt in the US, and blended to obtain chemistries between 45 and 70% alumina. » See product
DurandalTM is an alumino-silicate mineral commonly found in metamorphic rocks. Andalusite presents three main properties. Andalusite is a prismatic and anhydrous crystal. Andalusite is a high purity minerals. » See product

 ClayracTM is a mineral formed from the weathering and transportation by water of parent rocks which are deposited in ancient river basins from where it is now extracted. Our product range includes raw clays, shredded clays or dried and milled clays with alumina contents varying from 38 to 45%. » See product