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FONDAG® is a dry mix used to obtain a very high performance calcium aluminate concrete.


FONDAG® is specially designed for the most aggressive environments which combine the forces of abrasion, erosion, mechanical impact, chemical corrosion, high temperatures and repeated thermal shocks.

FONDAG® owes its exceptional performance to the combination of ALAG® synthetic aggregates with a calcium aluminate binder. The absence of Portlandite, which is specific to calcium aluminates, ensures better refractoriness and resistance to chemical corrosion.

The unique composition of FONDAG® means that high mechanical strength is achieved within just a few hours.

FONDAG® is particularly well suited for:

  • Works needing to achieve high mechanical strength very quickly in order to make turnaround time as short as possible
  • Works needing to resist corrosion by sulphates, oils, industrial effluent, aggressive water, diluted acids (pH > 3.5)
  • Works subject to abrasion, erosion, pitting and mechanical impact within a few hours FONDAG® achieves much better resistance to these forms of wear than that of concrete produced with natural hard aggregates
  • Works needing to resist thermal shocks at very low temperature, e.g. caused by liquid gases
  • Works needing to resist high temperatures (up to 1,100° C) and repeated thermal shocks.

And for highly demanding applications:

  • Areas exposed to heat, wear and impact in steelmaking and metallurgical industries: steelworks and non-ferrous metal works
  • Industrial surfaces subject to intensive use: the chemical, petrochemical, steel, metallurgical and food industries
  • Hydraulic structures subject to abrasion, erosion and pitting: overflow weirs, sluice gates and storm works, etc.
  • Cryogenic applications (areas subject to direct contact with liquidgas).