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Cements in the SECAR® range are used as a principal binder in high temperature applications. They have alumina content varying from 40% to 80%, directly relating to their maximum temperature resistance and therefore optimum operating conditions.


SECAR® range products are used in refractory applications and refractory concretes combining mechanical performance with ease of installation: conventional concrete and concrete with low cement content and even with ultra-low cement content. The concrete can be sprayed, cast under vibration or self-compacting.

SECAR® cements are fully compatible with the different refractory aggregates, other fillers and additives.

The range

The "classic" SECAR® range: SECAR® 51, SECAR® 71 and SECAR® 80.
The new "SECAR® Plus" range (including additional formulated binders): SECAR Plenium®.

The range of cements and binders is now supplemented by super plasticisers for refractory concretes, jointly developed by Peramin and Kerneos.

ALAG® aggregates complete the SECAR® range. They are particularly suitable for refractory and peri-refractory concrete, where strong resistance to abrasion is required.

CIMENT FONDU® is a basic cement well known for its properties in insulating concretes and other applications where conditions are less severe.

The SECAR® range is available on all continents:

  • SECAR® 51: cement with average alumina content, recommended for concretes exposed to high abrasion.
  • SECAR® 71: cement with high alumina content, used in concretes with low cement content, widely acknowledged for the flexibility it allows in formulation.
  • SECAR® 712 represents the new generation of SECAR® 71, incorporating the advantage of stability over time. As a result, the shelf life of concrete with low cement content is significantly improved and performance remains stable over time.
  • SECAR® 80: cement with very high alumina content, specifically used under extreme conditions of temperature, abrasion and corrosion.
  • SECAR Plenium®: binder with very high alumina content designed for concrete subjected to extreme conditions, where ease of use is key for the end user.
  • CMA 72: a new generation of binders containing spinel, which is highly reactive and provides better resistance to corrosion.
  • PERAMIN® AL 200 and PERAMIN® AL300 are fluidifying agents for refractory concretes manufactured with aluminous cements and alumina aggregates and/or alumina spinel.