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SewperCoat® is noted for high mechanical resistance achieved even at very early ages, and excellent resistance to abrasion.

A unique product offering:

  • resistance to corrosion
  • resistance to wear
  • control of infiltrations and leakage
  • reinforcement of degraded structures.

Although SewperCoat® is a cement product, its 100% calcium aluminate content creates a "total reactive barrier" which inhibits the activity of bacteria such as Thiobacillus which are responsible for forming sulphuric acid (H2SO4).

The key to this exceptional behaviour is that the binder and aggregates are both composed of calcium aluminates. They are able to create a protective layer with no weak link.
Furthermore, the perfect chemical and mineral affinity between the binder and the aggregates leads to the creation of an excellent chemical and mineral bond when the product is hydrated, which explains its very good resistance in thin-layer application.


SewperCoat® is a ready-to-use dry mortar specially designed for protecting sewage system infrastructure which is exposed to biogenic acid corrosion.

Whether for carrying out repairs on corroded structures or protecting new structures prior to their installation, the exceptional resistance of SewperCoat® to biogenic corrosion makes it possible to offer durable protection to infrastructure that is subject to the most demanding operating conditions.

SewperCoat® is used for protecting all sewage infrastructure: drain manholes, pumping stations, iron pipes, large collector ducts and concrete infrastructure in wastewater treatment plants.

After more than 20 years of service in the most severe conditions, there are numerous field references that confirm the exceptional durability of SewperCoat®.

SewperCoat® can be applied by various procedures: low-pressure wet spraying, high-pressure dry spraying, centrifugation or rotating spray head.

To know more about SewperCoat® visit www.sewpercoat.com .