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Calcium aluminates in the TERNAL® range correspond to specific needs in the construction industry. Developed to offer improved properties by comparison with the multi-purpose calcium aluminate cement, CIMENT FONDU®, they play a vital role in the development of innovative solutions.


The TERNAL® range of calcium aluminates forms part of the composition of specialty mortars, in association with other hydraulic binders (such as Portland cement, calcium sulphates, lime, etc.), aggregates (limestone, silica sand, pozzolanic materials, etc.), polymers and organic admixtures.

Depending on the type of use, they contribute specific benefits to the most demanding formulations:

  • control of setting time
  • rapid hardening
  • fast drying
  • size variation control
  • colour stability and durability
  • resistance to corrosion
  • resistance to abrasion
  • high mechanical strength.


TERNAL® products benefit from the latest technological innovation in terms of industrial know-how and performance reliability. They meet the needs of dry-mix mortar producers by delivering a wider range of properties:

Core product of the range, TERNAL® RG was developed to ensure consistency and security of performance, critical factors in the production and use of top-range dry-mix mortars.
Owing to its versatility and exceptional consistency, TERNAL® RG is the preferred constituent for a wide range of demanding applications, such as flooring, tile adhesives and grout, and technical mortars (for repairs, sealing, filling, etc.).

Based on a new technology which is able to prolong the shelf life of products and facilitate both stock management and the export of products, TERNAL® RG-S substantially increases the shelf life of calcium aluminate-based dry-mix mortars.

A calcium aluminate with reactivity suitable for use in specialty cements and mortars demanding a rapid return to service, even at low temperatures.
Used primarily as an additive to Portland cement, it delivers its best performance when combined with calcium sulphate and small additions of classic additives.
TERNAL® SE is specifically intended for use in quick-setting cements and concretes, quick-repair mortars, sealing mortars, anchoring mortars and cement plates.

Developed to keep pace with new demands made by formulators in the Building Chemistry sector, TERNAL® White boasts whiteness and purity which allow the production of formulated products that combine excellent aesthetic characteristics with guaranteed performance and consistency. Because of its ultra whiteness, it is compatible with a very wide range of pigments.
The absence of alkalis and products of lime hydration prevents the formation of efflorescence and improves colour durability.
TERNAL® White is used in dry-mix mortars such as adhesives for natural stone and marble, coloured grout and floor-levelling products for decorative floors. It is also widely used in fine mortars and products for repairing and smoothing walls.

A formulation with an intermediate colour between those of TERNAL® RG and TERNAL® White, TERNAL® LC offers the same properties. It is particularly suitable for finished products where a light colour is required.

The latest product of Kerneos innovation, TERNAL® EV enables formulators of flooring compounds to achieve a higher performance.
Based on a new mineral composition, TERNAL® EV makes it possible to produce compounds free of Portland cement and allowing for a wider range of organic additive.
Systems developed on the basis of TERNAL® EV are strong and demonstrate remarkable properties.
TERNAL® EV is the product of choice for the development of a new generation of high performance floor components.