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The innovation process started in 1908, when Ciment Fondu® and its manufacturing process were patented.

Whether it relates to services, products or processes, innovation has been the core of  Imerys Aluminates for more than a hundred years. It has enabled the company to develop and forge close relationships with partners and customers.


Innovation, the basis and means of growth
The diverse properties of calcium aluminates make the product and its related technologies something of a catalysing force for innovation. It is Imerys Aluminates' primary objective to create value for its customers through high-performance, inventive, specific and differentiating solutions. By developing new applications for calcium aluminates and by constantly enhancing its product offer and customer support, the company enables its customers to expand their business.

A dedicated Research Centre, responsible for a wealth of innovations
The company's research teams are based at the Imerys Technology Centre (ITC), located near Lyon, France.
Their daily work consists in developing new solutions and improving manufacturing processes. Apart from fundamental research, the principal source of inspiration is their ongoing collaboration with customers, plants and sales and marketing teams.
The ITC is a focal point around which two other development centres located in China and the United States operate, as well as four applications laboratories in Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia. With powerful values such as expertise and excellence as their watchwords, these laboratories provide fast and efficient technical support based on proximity and knowledge of local raw materials and specific applications. As a result, around a hundred years' worth of experience in calcium aluminates now constitutes a scientific discipline that is unique in the world.

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